Campus Codefest 2016


from August 25 at 9:00am to August 26 at 5:00pm

What is this all about?

Campus Codefest is an event that allows IT staff from across the University to organize and work together based on common interests and skills rather than upon organizational structures and reporting lines. Primarily, it is about professional development and strengthening relationships within our community. Secondarily, it is an opportunity to explore solutions to cross-organizational problems.

Who should attend Campus Codefest?

Many talents and interests contribute to making a great Campus Codefest. Designers, operations engineers, educational technology professionals, business analysts, aspiring programmers, and anyone else interested in building stuff, documenting stuff, automating stuff, designing stuff, or otherwise helping out with or having ideas for projects are welcome to attend.

What kinds of projects are right for Campus Codefest?

Have a look at a projects from a previous year to get some inspiration. At the same time, don't let these ideas limit your thinking! We are a welcoming and friendly group.So, don't be shy, post your idea below!

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Hashtag: #umnccf16

Twitter Handle: @umnccf

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Q: Do I have to be a programmer to attend Campus Codefest?

A: No (see event description above)

Q: Will you feed me at this event?

A: Yes (pizza and lots of snacks, coffee, soda, etc)

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Proposed Project Ideas


Contain Multitudes

Chad Fennellover 1 year ago

Ansible is danceable And Chef is def But a container is a no-brainer For an application maintainer Let’s take a couple of days to play with Docker and maybe OpenShift. OIT has been working on stand...


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University Employee Travel App

Faith Goennerover 1 year ago

University employees will use the travel app to manage their University travel. It will provide compliance details to assist with booking fights, hotel, identify per diem rates and capture actual a...

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Intro to JavaScript

Jennifer Czeckover 1 year ago

Interested in learning about JavaScript? Come join us! Let’s support each other as we learn and improve our skills together. While aimed at budding novices, all are welcome.We'd like to use CCF 201...


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Degree Progress Analytics and Visualization

Ian Whitneyalmost 2 years ago

Academic Support Resources will provide a large, anonymized data set of Student Degree Progress. Some data included will be:- Student data  - Admission Type  - Admission Term- Demographic  - Athlet...


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Create soup-to-nuts ansible walkthroughs

Colin McFaddenover 1 year ago

It'd be great to create some walkthrough that would guide someone through the full process for deploying an app on an OIT VM.  These would take someone from the point of "I need to host my Rails ap...


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Get Ansible roles working on RHEL 7

Debbie Gillespieover 1 year ago

During Campus Codefest 2015 we had a group that spent time working on a framework for a set of Ansible roles that could be used to provision the application layer of managed RHEL 6 machines. From t...


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Sciencing Umbra

David Olsenover 1 year ago

The UMN Libraries has developed a shareable online search tool that brings together archival content documenting over 400 years of African American cultural history in order to enable the creation ...


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Improve Ansible Role Management Tools

Andrew Zenkabout 2 years ago

Ansible is a great tool for automating configuration of Linux systems.  Last year we started building a community around using Ansible to deploy and maintain software on top of the managed OIT linu...


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Fun programming with Scratch! Learn Scratch, teach kids!

Joel Andersonover 1 year ago

With a Raspberry Pi, or a web browser, it's easy to get started with Scratch ( - and you can volunteer with Hour of Code ( to share the fun with students.

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Make Drupal easier for low-tech organizations to maintain

Mike Bayntonover 1 year ago

Drupal is popular in higher education and familiar to us, but it occupies a pretty minuscule portion of the overall FOSS CMS market (WordPress: ~ 74 million sites, Drupal: ~1 million, but who's cou...


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Moodle Forum Analytics

Patrick Erichsenover 1 year ago

A frequent request from Instructors the past few years has been an improved analytics plugin for Moodle forums. This would allow teachers to have a better overview of forum content, participation, ...

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Ecto adapter for Oracle

Davin Lagerroosover 1 year ago

Ecto is elixir's DSL for building queries and running them against datasources. There are reference implementations for postgres and mysql. Other implementations include sqlserver, mongodb, even gi...


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Powershell - Google Drive Integration

Peter Bajurnyover 1 year ago

Powershell modules to interact with Google Drive, including inputting data into Powershell readable formats and writing data into Google Drive

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Rust From the Ground Up

Ian Whitneyabout 2 years ago

A workshop for Rust beginners! Interested in learning Rust from the ground up? Familiar with Rust, but still confused by concepts like Borrowing, Ownership and Lifetimes? In this workshop we'll sta...


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Artifactory Hacking

Jake Gagealmost 2 years ago

Host your department's Gems on a Gem-in-a-Box instance you maintain?  Maven and Ivy libraries in a Nexus repo?  Run your own Yum server or Docker registry? ... Like to stop?These technologies fall ...


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Shib or SSO for CATME Group Evaluation Tool

Kalli-Ann Binkowskiover 1 year ago

I'd like us to write shibboleth access/integration for the CATME tools. I think they are open to it, but they don't have the money. I'm not sure I can get the access to the code to get it done bu...

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Raspberry pi

Dillon Bogenreifover 1 year ago

Raspberry pi project


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Hack on the CoEventer App

David Petersonalmost 2 years ago

Want to try some Rails? Design? UX? Want a killer new feature to be implemented on CoEventer? Want to contribute to an open source project and raise your public profile?It all started here, for Cam...

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* HHH 50 will be available until 6:00pm on 8/25/15 for project teams wishing to continue working.