DevOps UMN 2017

from March 13 at 12:30pm to March 13 at 5:00pm


Registration for the event itself via eventbrite is now closed.  Register on this page as well if you'd like to submit an open space discussion topic or vote on ideas that you'd like to discuss at the event.

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Lightning Talks

Has your team figured out a cool way to collaborate?  Do you have a tool that you're really excited about?  Is there something else that you feel the urgent need to tell everyone about it in 5 minutes or less?

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Proposed Open Space Topics

Working with OIT virtual infrastructure

Discussion around the existing service offering, what works, what doesn't, automation strategies, etc.

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Monitoring and Observability

How do you select, gather, digest, display, and/or generate alerts from your systems and applications?  What information is useful for making decisions?  Are some display and notification technolog...

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How can we improve the diversity of IT@UMN

What can the University do to improve the diversity of IT@UMN? In most of the technical meetings I attend, I still find myself as the only woman in the room. What can we do to recruit and more impo...

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A discussion about using containers effectively.

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Using Git without losing your mind

A discussion on the tips and tricks we use to make using git AWESOME (or at least make our commit history look awesome).

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Building Empathy

Building empathy is often considered an important part of the DevOps culture.  How can we understand people (managers, co-workers, users) better?

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How to give a lightning talk

Are you intrigued by lightning talks? Do you want to know more about them before committing to five minutes of public speaking?  Let's discuss lightning talks!

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Experiences with Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery

Is there interest in your group/unit?Are you somewhere on this journey, where are you?  How did you get there?  What were successes?Are there roadblocks?  How do you see yourself getting where you'...

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Blameless PostMortems

GitLab. AWS.  Outages happen but how do we deal with aftermath? Blameless PortMortems are often talked about in the world of DevOps.  The focus is not on blaming the person who did it but instead w...

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Collaboration success stories

Share your successful experiences working across groups, with other team members, building inclusivity and empathy.  What's worked for you?  It might inspire others!

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What tools/services do you wish existed?

Is there a tool or service that you would love to utilize, if only it were provided? Connect with others to identify common challenges, and discover solutions that others may already be pursuing th...

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Implementing Digital Accessibility

Discuss ways we can promote digital accessibility in our spheres and how we can support each other in that effort. 

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Communities Of Practice

What have your experiences been with Communities Of Practice at the University? What's worked? What hasn't? How could they be improved?

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Google drive file/content command line automation ~

The Microsoft platform team has developed some powerShell modules to manipulate files and data in Google drive.What systems/processing do you interface with that generates data/files you have to ma...

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What can you automate?  How? 

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DevOps and ITIL

Can DevOps and ITIL work together?

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What's in your way?  How do you move it?

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