Gopher Day of Data 2017

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from January 13 at 9:00am to January 13 at 5:00pm

Can’t get enough data? Do you love data visualization? Are you a statistics geek? Or maybe you're new to data analysis and want to build your skills?  Come and join us for Gopher Day of Data 2017!  You can spend an entire day with a dataset of your choice, share your data enthusiasm, and learn new data skills.

This is an opportunity to explore how we can make use of tools and technologies like R, RShiny, Python, D3.js, Tableau, SPSS, JMP, Stata, SAS, Spark, SQL, Hadoop, MongoDB, Excel or that new tool/technology/statistical model you know about that no one else does. We’ll have some data ready for analysis—or bring your own.

Have some data you're willing to share? Maybe you've scraped, collected, or maintain a dataset that you're excited to dig into? Propose your dataset as a project idea below! Just click in the box to "Submit your idea..." and give a brief description of the data, along with a few questions you think might be interesting to tackle during the event. (Please only propose datasets that can be shared publicly. Contact the event organizers if you have questions about whether your dataset is eligible.)

This event is free and open to University of Minnesota students, faculty, and staff. All experience levels are welcome! Pizza lunch and snacks will be provided. Spots are limited, so register now!

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Proposed Project Ideas


Tableau and R integration - can Tableau do this?

Jeff Idleover 1 year ago

There is a YouTube video that shows how Microsoft Power BI and R can integrate and interact. View the YouTube video and see if you can replicate this functionality with Tableau and R! The video ref...


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Learning to build an interactive visualization tool (in Tableau?)

Katja Kruitover 1 year ago

Build an online visualization (with graphs, pie charts, etc) that is very interactive: with dropdown menus and slide bars. Would be interested to learn to do this in Tableau.One application could b...


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Internal student transfers visualization and analysis

Jeff Idleover 1 year ago

We would like to build an online, interactive chord diagram visualization that allows faculty and staff to analyze transfer activity across campuses and colleges within the University of Minnesota ...


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Drivers of high and/or low 4-year graduation rates

Jeff Idleover 1 year ago

Analyze the data provided from College Results online (I believe their data source to be IPEDS data) to understand the key drivers of high and/or low graduation rates. Here are some items in which ...


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University Research Funding Proposal-Awarded Rate

Joshua Miragliaover 1 year ago

This dataset provides information related to funding proposals submitted to sponsors through UMN's Office of Sponsored Projects Administration over the last five fiscal years. Analyze whether at...


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Christy Illigover 1 year ago

How to display data efficiently.


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Using IPUMS-Time Use Data to Analyze How Americans Spend Their Time

Sarah Floodover 1 year ago

Analyze data from the nationally representative American Time Use Survey (ATUS). ATUS data are used to understand how the American population spends its time. IPUMS-Time Use, hosted by the Minnes...


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Class registration predictive model

Jeff Idleover 1 year ago

Use the registration activity data provided to predict when these classes will be filled. Here are some of the specific questions we would like to try to answer with the given data set:for Spring 2...


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Big Ten Academic Alliance Geoportal: Spatial Data for the Upper Midwest

Melinda Kernikover 1 year ago

The Big Ten Academic Alliance Geoportal provides links to public GIS datasets, web services, and digitized historical maps from multiple state and local data clearinghouses and university library...


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[CANCELED] Santa's Uncertain Bags

Julian Wolfsonover 1 year ago is currently running a competition entitled Santa's Uncertain Bags:, the idea is to "pack" 1,000 of Santa's bags with gifts, with e...


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GEOGRAPHIC MASKING: Create Workflow for Random Perturbation of Protected Health Information (using Minneapolis coffee shop data)

Brittany Krzyzanowskiover 1 year ago

I would like to create a workflow for jittering/random perturbation of points that can be used for geocoded patient addresses or other point features under privacy regulations (using Minneapolis co...

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MinneAccessible: accessibility map for the city of Minneapolis

Subho Majumdarover 1 year ago

The grand goal of this project is to create a map-based mobile app that provides information to differently abled people that provides accessibility related-information around them. This means not ...

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TerraPop: Integrated Population and Environmental Data

Tracy Kuglerover 1 year ago

TerraPop incorporates a large collection of population data from international censuses and environmental data, including land use, land cover, and climate data. The TerraPop extract builder provid...

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Practical applications of Hadoop/MongoDB/NoSQL for administration at the University of Minnesota

Jeff Idleover 1 year ago

This project idea is for those with special skills at processing and structuring data. We have not had the opportunity to deeply explore practical use-cases for Hadoop, MongoDB or NoSQL for enterpr...

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Bruininks 312 (UMN Twin Cities East Bank)

9:00 am - Coffee & form groups
10:00 am - Work time
Noon - 1 pm - Lunch
1 - 3:30 pm - Work time
3:30 - 5 pm - Wrap up & mini presentations

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