Campus Codefest 2017


from August 24 at 8:00am to August 25 at 4:30pm

What is this all about?

Campus Codefest is an event that allows IT staff from across the University to organize and work together based on common interests and skills rather than upon organizational structures and reporting lines. Primarily, it is about professional development and strengthening relationships within our community. Secondarily, it is an opportunity to explore solutions to cross-organizational problems.

Who should attend Campus Codefest?

Many talents and interests contribute to making a great Campus Codefest. Designers, operations engineers, educational technology professionals, business analysts, aspiring programmers, and anyone else interested in building stuff, documenting stuff, automating stuff, designing stuff, or otherwise helping out with or having ideas for projects are welcome to attend.

What kinds of projects are right for Campus Codefest?

Have a look at a projects from a previous year to get some inspiration. At the same time, don't let these ideas limit your thinking! We are a welcoming and friendly group.So, don't be shy, post your idea below!

Have a comment or question?

Contact the Campus Codefest Committee at and we'll get right back to you.

What will the food be like?

We'll have pizza for lunches, coffee/drinks, and a variety of snacks, including stuff like fruit, yogurt, muffins, etc. If you have a dietary restriction, please do not hesitate to contact us at and we will work something out for you.

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Hashtag: #umnccf17

Twitter Handle: @umnccf

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Q: Do I have to be a programmer to attend Campus Codefest?

A: No (see event description above)

Q: Will you feed me at this event?

A: Yes (pizza and lots of snacks, coffee, soda, etc)

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96 of 110 spots registered.

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Proposed Project Ideas

Intro to JavaScript

Interested in learning about JavaScript? Come join us! Let’s support each other as we learn and improve our skills together. While aimed at budding novices, all are welcome.We'd like to use CCF 201...


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Community sourced API for IT services

Automating the management of resources provided through the various IT service offerings here at the U, such as ssl certificates or DNS entries, is currently very difficult if not impossible.  The ...


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Natural language processing with Python

Find a data set that is conducive to sentiment analysis then use Python to produce an "analytic summary" of each record. Examples of data elements that could be in the analytic record could be:Word...


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Turning UMN Job Search Up to 11

Advertising jobs via the UMN PeopleSoft instance presents some user experience challenges. What if in a couple of days we could build a prototype that addresses some of these challenges? Imagine if...


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Building Learning Tools around the Canvas Learning Management System (LMS)

UMN is transitioning to a new LMS, Canvas, that has an extensive API available for students, teachers, and staff.  We'll be building learning tools.  All skill levels welcome.


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At The Sound Of The Tone, The Term Wil Be...

AKA: What Term Is It? The Term Is Now!Do you know what term it is? How about in Crookston? Do you know what term it is for medical students? Did you know that medical students had different terms t...


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Alexa, ask Gopher ...

Work on an Amazon Alexa skill to interface with U services. Tentative ideas:academic calendarssporting eventsupcoming service outagesany other great ideas you can think of!


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Accessibility: A better U

Part demo, part help, all fun!Topics will include: Accessibility Ambassador program, HTML5, ARIA, WCAG, and testing tools.We will be having a live demo of accessible technologies.


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Basic web host that can authenticate based on class enrollment

SPH tells me they used to use Netfiles to host Captivate content that was restricted by class enrollment. How hard would it be to tap into this data and make a basic web server do this in a way tha...


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React.js Independent Study

I want to learn React. Pull up a chair if you'd like to learn or would like to offer-up some expertise on either React or React Native.

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Augmented Reality for Education

How will Augmented Reality (AR) or Virtual Reality (VR) affect education?


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Google Calendar and institutional data

I'd like to see class schedules published to Google Calendar.  I'd also like students to be able to easily add calendars for their classes, and managers to be able to see their employees' vacations.

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Blockchain-based degrees

Implement PoC of blockchain-based degrees using specGoal should be to have issuing authorities (e.g. ACME University) able to give out cryptographically-verifiable certifications/deg...

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