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from August 7 at 3:00am to August 8 at 11:00am


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Hack on U Drupal

Jim Hartover 3 years ago

Want to dig into the workings of U Drupal? The University's platform is maintained in Github and definitely has some rough edges that the developer community can help smooth out. Let's look at the ...


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Improve (or completely rewrite)

Joshua Buysseover 3 years ago

The code underlying is a hack (that works surprisingly well) of a single-user open source URL shortener.  It has some dependencies on CLA's data warehouse clone to enable authentication, ...


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Video Quizzes (...and other cool things with interactive video!)

Deactivated Accountover 3 years ago

A lot of massive open online courses (MOOCs) are starting to feature online lectures that use in-video quizzes to help stimulate student engagement.  For example, a video might automatically pa...


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Campus Safety App

Nick Rosencransover 3 years ago

The Problem: The Security Monitor Program can be overwhelmed, especially on the days following a safety alert. Though the University is trying to provide self-help resources and standardize buildin...


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Real-Time Online Audience Response System (Clicker)

Brian Dunnetteover 3 years ago

Demo: (try on multiple devices simultaneously for extra fun!)Here in the Med School, we've used audience response systems (clickers) for several years - however, now that...


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Office of Admissions - Curiosity Generator

Drew Coveyouover 3 years ago

Hello Coders!The Office of Admissions is asking for your help to develop a mobile-friendly web app: the Curiosity Generator. The app is geared to ignite prospective students' curiosity and build th...

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Kemal Badurover 3 years ago

This is an opportunity for technologists of all stripes--developers, instructional designers, librarians, systems administrators, digital humanists, academic technologists, database designers, and ...

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Build a Private Code Package Server for the U

Ian Whitneyover 3 years ago

Developers at the U have to use work arounds to deploy apps that use private code libraries. There are paid services that offer a private gem server, but we can also build our own! For the Ruby fol...

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Case-based Reasoning Expert-system Shell (Project Canceled)

Richard Brownover 3 years ago

This session has been postponed and will not occur during Codefest 2014. Anyone interested in future work on this project can contact Sorry for any inconvenience.

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Know your Infrastructure

Steve Scherpingover 3 years ago

Infrastructure can be hard. Knowing how your applications use infrastructure is harder. While the overall scope and challenge of resolving all the infrastructure relationships your application util...


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What is on my web server?

Debbie Gillespieover 3 years ago

We have many websites hosted over several different OIT managed virtual hosts. We would like to develop an automated way to catalog which sites are hosted on each server and to track which versions...


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Work on the UMN API

Ben Demareeover 3 years ago

The UMN API group seeks to provide easy access to useful campus data for departments, organizations, students, and the public to utilize in the spirit of outreach and public service...and we want y...


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Hack on the Campus Codefest App

David Petersonover 3 years ago

The Campus Codefest app is here... Now let's make it better! I know it might be cannibalizing to use Codefest time to improve the Codefest app for future Codefests or non-UMN Codefests, but let's l...


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Miscellaneous Table

Chad Fennellover 3 years ago

Looking for some time and some space to work on a project? Don't quite fit into any of the other projects?  Itching to play with a new language, framework or tool? Join the Miscellaneous table!


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Network Knowledge API

Jeffrey Kerznerover 3 years ago

NTS has several platform tools that capture information about the U's network.  We are interested in coming up with a mechanism to share this information in a consistent, web-oriented way.  Part of...


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Awesome! Visualizing Events from Google Analytics' Real-Time API

Eric Larsonover 3 years ago

At the Libraries', we love our patrons. We're using Google Analytics (GA) to help us uncover ways to improve our website and help make campus researchers' lives more efficient. For this project, we...


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