Campus Codefest 2015

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from August 20 at 3:00am to August 21 at 7:00pm

What is this all about?

Campus Codefest is an event that allows IT staff from across the University to organize and work together based on common interests and skills rather than upon organizational structures and reporting lines. Primarily, it is about professional development and strengthening relationships within our community. Secondarily, it is an opportunity to explore solutions to cross-organizational problems.

Who should attend Campus Codefest?

Many talents and interests contribute to making a great Campus Codefest. Designers, operations engineers, educational technology professionals, business analysts, aspiring programmers, and anyone else interested in building stuff, documenting stuff, automating stuff, designing stuff, or otherwise helping out with or having ideas for projects are welcome to attend.

What kinds of projects are right for Campus Codefest?

Have a look at a projects from a previous year to get some inspiration. At the same time, don't let these ideas limit your thinking! We are a welcoming and friendly group.So, don't be shy, post your idea below!

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Proposed Project Ideas


OAuth2 or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Google & GitHub

Max Fierkealmost 3 years ago

Shibboleth is dope. But web APIs are becoming more of a thing in our apps at the U. Shibboleth doesn't cut it outside of the web flow (mobile apps, etc.). There's of course Shibboleth Enhanced Clie...


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Create reusable Ansible roles for the U

Debbie Gillespiealmost 3 years ago

Several departments on campus are using Ansible to configure and manage their OIT managed virtual machines. Although these departments have made their Ansible roles publically available via github ...


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Rock out on the public Course & Class API

Ian Whitneyalmost 3 years ago is totally rad. But it would be more rad if there was a web-based client that allowed people to easily see and search all this sweet data. Let's build that sweet r...

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Automate process for creating Drupal sites

John Starralmost 3 years ago

Creating Drupal sites involves a number of repetitive tasks such as creating a database through our cloud hosting provider, editing some php files, and entering metadata. All of these processes can...


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Nodebots & Nodeboats

Jason Kadrmasalmost 3 years ago

Want to play with robotics? Do you like JavaScript/Node or want to learn more? Then this could be the project for you!There are two tracks within this proposal... Nodebots - Construct a s...


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Develop or incorporate a GPS navigation system to take people to their destination at the U.

Theresa Smileyalmost 3 years ago

Perhaps our business agreement with Google give us access to equipment and software. Have a mobile/web application that brings the new students to the street views, hallways, doors to their next...


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Learn to Code / Hacker Hours

Michael Berkowskialmost 3 years ago

Interested in learning a little more about coding, but just haven’t been able to find the time? Or maybe you’ve started digging into a project and have found yourself getting stuck and needing a li...

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Issue tracker for web accessibility issues

Tonu Mikkalmost 3 years ago

Currently there is no good way to centrally track web accessibility issues. This challenge is brought about partly because of the nature of web accessibility issues. The issues are often not report...


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Rise of the Robots

Jake Gagealmost 3 years ago

Whether we techies use Jenkins or Travis— we all need tools to help automate our builds, tests, and deployments. Lately, there's been some interest in coming up with some kind of hosting solution: ...


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Learn Javascript

Kimberly Dobersteinalmost 3 years ago

Interested in learning about Javascript? Come join us! Let’s support each other as we learn and improve our skills together. While aimed at budding novices, all are welcome. We'd like to use...

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Hack up a Node.js (or other!) implementation of the UMN Community Shibboleth API

Michael Berkowskiover 2 years ago

Since the 2013 Campus Codefest, we've accumulated a handful of completed language implementations of the UMN Community Shibboleth API, but some technologies have matured and become more prevalent a...


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Build Something Fun With a Raspberry Pi

Michael Berkowskiover 2 years ago
Jim Hart

Table leader needed! OIT has sponsored our purchase of a few Raspberry Pi starter kits and what better time than Campus Codefest to get together to hack something neat. You could:Try Linux for the ...

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Improve the Class Search Service (API)

Jack Brownover 2 years ago

Both ASR and OIT have created web services to provide Class Search data. Each has their advantages and disadvantages (speed vs up to date data being the main things). What we'd be doing is seei...


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JupyterHub integration with UMN Auth

Michael Milliganover 2 years ago

IPython notebooks are awesome for sharing code examples or demoing visualizations. But now multi-language, multi-user notebooks are a Thing with JupyterHub.See here for up-to-date project notes: ht...


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* HHH 50 will be available until 6:00pm on 8/20/15 for project teams wishing to continue working.

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Other event info

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Twitter Handle: @umnccf
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Q: Do I have to be a programmer to attend Campus Codefest?
A: No (see event description above)

Q: Will you feed me at this event?

A: Yes (pizza and lots of snacks, coffee, soda, etc)